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STATs & Carrier Records

(1)National Coral Competition
  Gold Prize: 22 times(including 16 consecutive years)
  Silver Prize: 4 times
  Bronze Prize; 2 times
(2)Kansai Coral Competition
  Seeded Performance: 19 times
  Gold Prize: 16 times
  Silver Prize: 5 times
  Bronze Prize: 5 times
(3)International Choral Competition (Tolosa Spain, 1999)
  3rd Prize in both Folklore and Poliphony Section
 Annual Concert: 43th concert was held this year, holding in every year since 1976.
  Christmas Carol Concert: Holding in every year since 1991 at Osaka Bussiness Park(OBP).
  Performance with Orchestra: 11 times in Annual Concert, 7 times in other concerts
  Joint Concert: Holding almost every year since 2007.
(5)Performance in Oversea
 1) 1999: Spain
        Tolosa, Barcelona, Pamplona, Lasarte
 2) 2005: New York
        Lincoln Center, St. Paul's Chapel in Columbia University, HQ of Panasonic North America
 3) 2008: People's Republic of China
        Beijing, Dalian
(6)Artists Invitation in Annual Concert
  38thMasaya IshiwakaAttendance for Commissioned Work
  37thHideki ChiharaAttendance for Commissioned Work
  35thKentaro SATO(Ken-P)Attendance for Commissioned Work
  34thTakatomi NOBUNAGAAttendance for Commissioned Work
  32ndHiroki FUJIIGuest to conduct "Ave Maria's World (Music by Toshio HOSOKAWA et al.)"
  29thTakatomi NOBUNAGAAttendance for Commissioned Work
  28thKo MATSUSHITAGuest to conduct Suite for mixed chorus a cappella "A TALE OF A KITTEN"
  28thMiklós KOCSÁRAttendance for Commissioned Work
  26thDénes SZABÓGuest to conduct works by KODÁLY, KOCSÁR et al.
  25thTokuhide NIIMIAttendance for Commissioned Work
  24thJeannine WAGNERGuest to conduct The Roger Wagner Arrangements
  23rdJavier BUSTOGuest to conduct his original works
  21stHideki MOTOYAMAGuest to conduct H. F. HANDEL "Israel in Egypt"
  19thShin SEKIYAGuest to conduct "Ballad for Earth" for mixed chorus
  18thKazuhiko KOMATSU Guest to conduct R. Schuman "MESSE SACRA" (Opus 147)
  17thRyoichi KADOGuest to conduct W. A. Mozart "REQUIEM in d-moll" (K.626)
  16thKeiichi ASAIGuest to conduct Suite for mixed chorus "Fukaki Fuchi Yori"
(7)Commissioned Works
  42ndNaoto AIZAWAMixed Chorus Album "Tenshi, Mada Tesaguri Shiteiru"
  38thMasaya ISHIWAKA"Manatsu no Furiko"
  37thHideki CHIHARA"AMAKUSA GAKA —Touhou eno Michi—" for Mixed Chorus
  36thJohn August PAMITUAN"Dominus Pastor Meus"
  35thKentaro SATO(Ken-P)"Cantata Amoris"
  34thTakatomi NOBUNAGA"Garcia Lorca Poetry for mixed chorus a cappella"
  31stKo MATSUSHITA"Hikari 3 songs" for dual mixed chorus, Lyric by Sakon SO
  29thTakatomi NOBUNAGASuite for mixed chorus "IMA BOKU NI", Lyric by Shuntaro TANIKAWA
  28thMiklós KOCSÁR"Missa Tertia"
  25thTokuhide NIIMI"Ongaku No Toki" for piano and mixed chorus, Lyric by Yo KAWASAKI
  25thJavier BUSTO"Stabat Mater"
(8)Released CDs
 1) Prayer "from the Matsushita Chuo Chorus to the Panasonic Choir" Collection of Performances in national choral competition
        BrainMusic OSBR-25008, Jan. 2009
 2) "Atarashii Ongaku to tomoni(along with new music) ~30th Anniversary~" (Collection of the Premiere of Commissioned Works)
        Giovanni Chorus Libraries, GVCS-30407, Dec. 2004
 3) "Atarashii Ongaku to tomoni(along with new music) 2" (Collection of the Premiere of Commissioned Works)
        BrainMusic OSBR-29013, Nov. 2012


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