Activities of the Panasonic Choir

1. Main Activities

Sep.Annual Concert
Oct.National Choral Competition Kansai Preliminary
Nov.National Choral Competition
Dec.Christmas Carol Concert (Twin 21 Building at the OBP, Osaka)

2. Rehearsing
  • 18:30 through 20:45 on every Friday in the Panasonic's facility.
  • In addition, 2-day camp 2 times a year approximatly.

3. Main Schedule of the Year 2018

Apr. 22nd (Sun)Chorus Messe 2018 (Osaka Business Park Circular Hall)
Sep. 1st (Sat)43nd Annual Concert (The Symphony Hall)
Oct. 7th (Sun)National Choral Competition Kansai Preliminary (Itami Hall, Itami city)
Nov. 25th (Sun)National Choral Competition (Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara)
Dec. 23rd (Sun)Christmas Carol Concert (Twin 21 Building at the OBP, Osaka)

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