Activity in our Concert

Since 1976, the 3rd year after the foundation,
we are holding an annual concert on every year.

     The "Annual Concert" is one of the most important event in our activities, and is the sorce of our energy.   Recently we are holding the concert around July at the Symphony Hall (Kita-ku, Osaka city).   These few years, we are inviting notable conductors aggressively to brush up our musical sence and quality.
     And in the 25th concert in 2000, we could announce and perform our requested works by Mr. Tokuhide Niimi and Mr. Javier Busto for the first time in our history.

Contents of Stage
     The concert is mostly produced by 3 to 4 stages featuring Japanese composer, religious music by Europian or American composer, and what we call the "Totteoki stage", which we sing popular songs with some movements.

Guest Conductors
     After inviting Mr. Keiichi Asai as a guest conductor in 16th Annual Concert, we are tring more aggressively to invite guest conductors.   Here are the lists of guest conductors we invited along with the music.

Stage with Orchestra
     It is a grate feeling singing well harmonized a cappella songs, but it is a big dream for us to have a stage with a stage-full of orchestra.   Eventhough we like to sing with her, it seems not so easy to realize because of financial matters which we often face.
     Since Faurè's "REQUIEM" in 8th Annual Concert, We held the orchestra-accompaniment stage for 10 times. W. A. Mozart   "REQUIEM" KV626 Cond. Masahiro Honjo with Ashiya Symphony Orchestra (43rd) Steve Dobrogosz   "MASS" Cond. Masahiro Honjo with Ashiya Strings (42nd) W. A. Mozart   "REQUIEM" KV626 Cond. Masahiro Honjo with Mozart Chamber Orchestra (30th) G. F. Händel   "ISRAEL IN EGYPT" Cond. Hideki Motoyama with Osaka Chamber Orchestra (21st) J. Rutter   "REQUIEM" Cond. Masahiro Honjo with Osaka Symphonicer (20th) R. Schumann   "MESSE SACRA" (Opus 147) Cond. Kazuhiko Komatsu with Osaka Symphonicer (18th) W. A. Mozart   "REQUIEM" KV626 Cond. Ryoichi Kado with Mozart Chamber Orchestra (17th) A. Bruckner   "MESSE e-moll" Cond. Yoshiyuki Takagi with Mozart Chamber Orchestra (14th) F. Poulenc   "STABAT MATER" Cond. Yoshiyuki Takagi with Kansai Philharmonic Orchestra (13th) G. Puccini   "MESSA DI GLORIA" Cond. Yoshiyuki Takagi with Mozart Chamber Orchestra (11th) W. A. Mozart   "REQUIEM" KV626 Cond. Yoshiyuki Takagi with Mozart Chamber Orchestra (9th) G. Faurè   "REQUIEM" Op.48 Cond. Yoshiyuki Takagi with Mozart Chamber Orchestra (8th)

Commissioned Works
     It is a very honorable matter that a famous composer writes a music for us.  
25th concert was the first time for us to announce the work.   The following is a list of our commissioned works.

Record of Past Concerts

43rd Concert, 42nd Concert, 41st Concert, 40th Concert, 39th Concert, 38th Concert, 37th Concert, 36th Concert, 35th Concert, 34th Concert, 33rd Concert, 32nd Concert, 31st Concert, 30th Concert, 29th Concert, 28th Concert, 27th Concert, 26th Concert, 25th Concert, 24th Concert, 23rd Concert, 22nd Concert

### 1st through 21st Under Construction ###


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