Un Reporte
Gira Musical a España

A Report of a Concert Tour to Spain

     One day in October 1998, we recieved a letter from a official of Tolosa choral competition committee,  which was a invitation for a competition held in Tolosa, Spain every year.   We felt very glad and proud of it,  because the decision was made to admire our activities and achievements.   However at first,  we felt uncertainty such as  "Can we really go there?   Can we really take long recess?   How many of our 100 members can go there?"  rather than the happiness of playing in oversea,  furthermore in Europe,  for the first time.   But to accomplish our "Dream" and overcome,  step by step,  the up coming problems,  "The Tolosa Project" started .

    Thus a year passing by,  we have been making preparations secretly but steadily, and finally, we made the way to Spain, a concert tour to foreign country for the first time in our history!
    In this tour,  we are to participate in the 31st Tolosa choral competition, this is the main purpose,  and to hold a concert in various place in Spain.

Main Schedule     In this concert tour,  we could have a lot of valuable experiences.   The one of them is that we could get to know and feel the music in all over the world.
    i.e.  A difference in behavior between we and other choirs, such as...choir in other nations, they seem to believe that the music is a method for presenting their spirits and emotions but still not forgetting to enjoy singing.   On the other hand,  we, at first, try to sing correctly,  then begin to consider what to present about.
    Or else,  things happened while we moved on to Catalunya from Basque Provinces.   That made us think about the nation or the identity of nationality.

    Anyhow after a long while,  here it is the report.   We hope to make this report more sufficient by additional report so please keep on watching.


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