EdgeBoy the LineTracer



The line taracing robot competition was opened at MindStorms Information Center on internet 1999.03.15 - 1999.04.15.
This competition was the time trial, running the oval course on test pad belong to the MindStorms Robotics Invention System. My robot EdgeBoy won the championship this competition. The championship record is

Right round 5 laps 8"39
Left round 5 laps 8"84

10 laps 17"23


EdgeBoy has some features.
  • 3 motors system.(2 drive motors with differential gear , and 1 steering motor)
  • Hight speed steering contorol powered by legOS.
  • Light weight and compact.


1. Robot construction data for LEdit (edgeboy.zip 4KB)

2. LineTracer program source file for legOS-0.1.7 (ume.zip 1KB)

3. LineTracer program source file for legOS-0.2.3 (ume2x.zip 1KB)

4. Compiled firmware (umefirm.zip 5KB)

5. Loader (firmdl.zip 79KB)

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