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Przm Star Web is a website about Kamishiro Midorimaru//QuanXingfs artworks. Some of the artworks are FANART illustrations of, Sengoku BASARA(samurai) , Valkyrie Profile , The Prince of Tennis , Hoshin Engi , Saint Seiya , and other games.

SORRY Majority of this site are written by Japanese.

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Whats New? This is the latest update. The update of some contents doesnft mention , my journal, for example.
Works Przm Star's MANGA Illustration & Professional Comic Works &Doujin(MANGA) Information .
You Can buy Doujin(Date Edition).(from 2009`?) please read me!
(Sorry, we can't send books to foreign countries. Because,DOUJIN may have legal problems in your country)

Gallery Przm Star's MANGA adult(X-rated free pics) illustrations. several Comics & Original.
  Trash Przm Star's Private photo & RoughIllust. with MANGA adult(X-rated free pics) illustrations (update A/N)
  Diary  Przm Star's journal with MANGA illustrations (update A/N)
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