A profile of NORIKOSHI, Takao

A profile of NORIKISHI,Takao


【Profile of Takao NORIKOSHI】
TakaoNorikoshiis a dance critic and a director of Japan Dance Plug Co. Ltd.
He is an only dance critic who published 4 books about contemporary dance in Japan. He is writing articles on paper and web media, Asahi Shimbun, Dance Magazine, Danzaetc.
He is an advisor of some dance festival in Japan and other countries as well.

He has reported many foreign dances. Some of them were unknown in Japan. Norikoshi has introduced these dance works to Japanese dance festivals.

■Committee Member, Advisor
・Tokyo Metropolitan Theater
・Yokohama Red Brick Theater
・KAAT (Kanagawa Arts Theater)
・SAISON FOUNDATION(Examination of Grant)

■Festival Advisor, Jury of Competition
・Dance New Air (Bord Member/ ex. Dance Triennial TOKYO)
・Fukuoka Dance Fringe Festival
・Hokkaido Dance Project
・Yokohama Dance Collection
・Seoul Dance Collection(Seoul Performing Arts Festival)
・Seoul International Choreograph Festival
・Solo Danza Festival(Spain CERVANTES Center)
・Eastern Connection(ROMANIA Bucharest)
・Japan Dance Week (ISRAEL Tel Aviv)

2006, the Japan Society of New York accepted Norikoshi in fellowship.
2007, Norikoshiwas a director of the dance festival“JAPPONE DANZA”inGenova, Italy.

*Kontenporaridansutetteigaido(PERFECT GUIDE BOOK of Contemporary Dance)2003. EX 2006. Translated by Korea 2007
*Douse dansunankaminaindaro(ESSAY)2009
*DansuBaiburu (Dance Bible) 2010