RIMS Camp-style Seminar
Modern approach and developments to Onsager's theory
on statistical vortices

August 28 (Sun.) - 31 (Wed.) Apical Inn Kyoto , Kyoto, Japan

Organized by Hiroshi Ohtsuka, Taku Yanagisawa, & Yuichi Yatsuyanagi

Supported by RIMS

Under the joint sponsorship by
FP7 Marie Curie project ``MC-IRSES-2009-247486 MaNEqui''
funded by the European Commission for the period 2010-2014,



JSPS Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research:
Basic Research (S) 20224013 (Hideo Kozono)
Basic Research (B) 20340034 (Takashi Suzuki)
 Basic Research (C) 21540179 (Taku Yanagisawa)
Basic Research (C) 22540231 (Hiroshi Ohtsuka)

Purpose of the seminar
To share the recent progress around the Onsager 's theory of vortices for two-dimensional turbulence. We are mainly interested in 

    Mathematical analysis of mean field equations of vortices,
    Euler equations of fluid mechanics,
    Relating physical background for the underlying phenomena.

Several main speakers from foreign countries as well as Japanese researchers of various generations are supposed to attend.

We are planning to publish a proceedings of the seminar in the RIMS publication series "Kokyuroku".

NB :
This is a small closed seminar of the invited 20 participants.
All the particpants are expected to stay at the seminar site (Apical Inn Kyoto).
We expect the participants 
    to arrive there in the 15:30 of August 28 and leave after the lunch of August 31.
Main Speakers 
From the Physics' side:
Bouchet, Freddy (Laboratoire de Physique, ENS de Lyon )
Chavanis, Pierre-Henri (Laboratoire de Physique Theorique, IRSAMC, Université Paul Sabatier)

From the Mathematics' side:
Chae, Dongho (Sungkyunkwan University)
Grujic, Zoran (University of Virginia)

From the Physics' side:
Fukumoto, Yasuhide (Kyushu University)

Sanpei, Akio  (Kyoto Institute of Technology)
Sawada, Ken  (Meteorological College)
Yatsuyanagi, Yuichi (Shizuoka University)

Hirota, Makoto (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
Morita, Hidetoshi (Kyoto University)

From the Mathematics' side
-Around Fluid equations-
Yanagisawa, Taku (Nara Women's University)

Maekawa, Yasunori  (Kobe University)
Taniuchi, Yasushi  (Shinshu University)
Takada, Ryo  (Tohoku University)

-Around Elliptic equations-
Suzuki, Takashi  (Osaka University)

Ohtsuka, Hiroshi  (University of Miyazaki)
Ricciardi, Tonia  (FedericoII University of Naples)
Takahashi, Ryo  (Osaka University)

Kan, Toru  (Tohoku University)
Wang, Wenbiao  (Osaka University)
Progams and Abstracts
Program and Abstracts
 Dead lines : Please submit the followings to Ohtsuka
    Title : 10 (Wed.) Aug. 2011
    Abstract : 22 (Mon.) Aug. 2011 : A4 pdf format. (Booklets will be distributed at the seminar.)
pdf version
Aug. 28 (Sun.)
15:30-16:00 (registration)

Hiroshi Ohtsuka¡ÊUniversity of Miyazaki¡Ë
Opening Talk ; Purpose of this seminar

18:00- (Dinner)

Aug. 29 (Mon.)

- Recent Insights from Physics - (Chairman: Prof. Suzuki)
Pierre-Henri Chavanis ¡ÊUniversité Paul Sabatier¡Ë: Plenary talk
Kinetic theory of two-dimensional point vortices

Freddy Bouchet ¡ÊENS de Lyon¡Ë: Plenary talk
Invariant measures of the 2D Euler equations and applications to equilibrium and non equilibrium phase transitions

(Lunch, free discussions)

- Session for Young Physicists - (Chairman: Prof. Yatsuyanagi)
Hidetoshi Morita ¡ÊKyoto University¡Ë
Non-``equilibrium" oscillations in two-dimensional Euler equations

Akio Sanpei ¡Ê Kyoto Institute of Technology ¡Ë
Experimental Study of Formation of Vortex Crystal Configuration in Pure Electron Plasma

Makoto Hirota ¡ÊJapan Atomic Energy Agency¡Ë
Variational formulation of nonlinear hydrodynamic stability

- Developements of the theory of vortices - (Chairman: Prof. Fukumoto)
Ken Sawada¡ÊMeteorological College¡Ë
Mean field equation for vortex filament systems

Yuichi Yatsuyanagi ¡ÊShizuoka University¡Ë
Analytical derivation of diffusion coefficient of two-dimensional point vortex system with Klimontovich formalism


Aug. 30 (Tues.)

- Leading-edge of the fluid equations - (Chairman: Prof. Yanagisawa)
Zoran Grujic¡ÊUniversity of Virginia¡Ë: Plenary talk
Anomalous dissipation as a trigger for the energy cascade in 3D inviscid flows

Dongho Chae¡ÊSungkyunkwan University¡Ë: Plenary talk
On the blow-up problem for the Euler equations and the Liouville type results in the fluid equations

(Lunch, free discussions)

- Session for Young Mathematicians I : Fluid equations - (Chairman: Prof. Chae)
Ryo Takada ¡ÊTohoku University¡Ë
Propagation of the analyticity for the solution to the Euler equations with non-decaying initial velocity

Yasunori Maekawa¡ÊKobe University¡Ë
On vorticity concentration at the zero viscosity limit for the Navier-Stokes flows in the half plane

Yasushi Taniuchi ¡ÊShinshu University¡Ë
Uniqueness of almost periodic-in-time solutions to Navier-Stokes equations in unbounded domains

- Session for Young Mathematicians II : Elliptic equations - (Chairman: Prof. Ohtsuka)
Toru Kan ¡ÊTohoku University¡Ë
Bifurcation structure of the mean field equation for an annular domain

Ryo Takahashi ¡ÊOsaka University¡Ë
Residual vanishing of concentration arising in the mean field equations

Tonia Ricciardi ¡ÊFedericoII University of Naples¡Ë
Blow-up analysis and optimal Trudinger-Moser inequalities for some mean field equations in
statistical hydrodynamics

(Banquet : Garden BBQ)

Aug. 31 (Wed.)

- Perspectives of futures - (Chairman: Prof. Yanagisawa)
Yasuhide Fukumoto¡ÊKyushu University¡Ë
Kinematic variational principle for vortical structure of Euler flows and beyond

Takashi Suzuki ¡ÊOsaka University¡Ë
From static to kinetic mean field theories - hierarchy and duality



Information on the seminar site
Equipment for presentation
White boards * 3
Projector *1

1)The seminar room in Apical-Inn will be opened at 14:00 in 28 Aug.
2)The meals for participants from the dinner of 28 Aug. to the lunch of 31 Aug are prepared.
3)An all-in one type color inkjet printer (scanner, copy) is available.
Transportation to Kyoto Station. 
See RIMS access site
How to reach Apical Inn from Kyoto Station.
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Apical Inn access site  (Please use the map in this site ; Apical Inn is marked as a star [¡ù])

Simplified version in English :
1)By Taxi : There is a taxi stand on the right hand side of Karasuma central exit. No tip is necessary.
JR Kyoto Station - (Taxi ; 30 min. ; about 3,000yen) - Apical Inn.

2)By Subway (Metro Map) :
There is a subway Kyoto station (station no. K11) on the basement of JR Kyoto station.
Subway Kyoto station  - (Subway bound for [ ¹ñºÝ²ñ´Û ](Kokusai Kaikan) ; 18 min.) - [ ¾¾¥öºê ](Matsugasaki station) (No. K02) 
2-i) - (walking 13 min. ) - Apical Inn
2-ii) - (Taxi ; 2 min. ; about 600yen) - Apical Inn
2-iii)  [ ¾¾¥öºê ](Matsugasaki station) exit no.2 - (City Bus No. ËÌ8 (North 8) bound for [ ¹âÌËÌÂçÏ© ](Takano/Kitaoji) time table ; 3 min.) - [ ¾¾¥öºê¶¶ ](Matsugasakibashi) - (walking 1 min.) - Apical Inn. 
2-iv)  [ ¾¾¥öºê ](Matsugasaki station) exit no.1 - (City Bus No. 65 bound for [ ½¤³Ø±¡¡¦´äÁÒ ](Shugakuin/Iwakura) time table ; 3 min.) - [ ¾¾¥öºê¶¶ ](Matsugasakibashi) - (walking 1 min.) - Apical Inn.

3)By Bus (City bus map , divided City Bus map into A4 size ; Kyoto Bus Map (Japanese)) :
There is a bus terminal in front of Karasuma central exit.
3-i) Kyoto Sta. (C3 bus stop) - (Kyoto Bus No. 17 bound for [ Â縶 ](Ohara); 40 min.) - [ ½¤³Ø±¡±ØÁ° ](Shugakuin Sta.) - (walking 1 min.) - Apical Inn.
3-ii) Kyoto Sta. (A1 bus stop) - (City Bus No. 5 bound for [ ´äÁÒÁà¼Ö¾ì ](Iwakura Soshajo); 50 min.) - [ ½¤³Ø±¡Æ» ](Shugakuin-michi) - (walking 5 min.) - Apical Inn.

4)By Eizan-Dentetsu (Street Car) : In case you are able to move to Demachi-yanagi station of Eizan-dentesu or  Keihan-dentetsu .
[½ÐÄ®Ìø](Demachiyanagi  ; No. E01) - (Eizan-Dentetsu ; every train is available ; 7 min.) - [ ½¤³Ø±¡ ](Shugakuin ; No. E05) - (walking 3 min.) - Apical Inn.
Infromation of Kyoto and Osaka
Infromation of Current Japan.
General information of the earthquake on 11 March 2011 

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